Our detective bureau is led by a researcher who has led research at Twitter, Panasonic, Indeed, Quantive, and now Twilio. His journey as a detective turned corporate executive can help you conduct better investigations, which in turn leads to better business outcomes.


I'm Ari Zelmanow

I know the challenges Research faces—and I am on a mission to change this. Because when you do, you will be enabled to make smarter growth bets for your business—ones that increase customer AND business value.

Why it matters


I don't only "talk the talk," I "walk the walk."

🎓 I hold a doctorate in cognitive psychology, so you get the benefit of knowing that my strategies are grounded in the academic research of decision-making and what motivates people.

🌎 I have REAL-WORLD practical experience; I have built insights functions at some epic organizations (and still do), including Panasonic, Twitter, Indeed, Twilio, and others.

🚓 As a metropolitan police officer and detective, I developed research and investigation chops unlike any other applied researcher out there.

"Ari is a skillful and experienced instructor with a wealth of valuable information. He opened my mind up to a new way of seeing UX research that will be extremely helpful as I move forward."


"Right out the gate, Ari delivers on what he promises. It is so simple but yet so powerful."

Andelae McCoy

"I am building a research practice in a SaaS company, and I struggled to conduct large sample studies because of some technical and practical constraints. Ari helped me to change my perspective about the goal of research in a corporate setting and think about data collection differently. "

Megan Millians

Inside the mind of a detective.

Weekly tips and tricks that show you how to Think Like a Detective to uncover better insights—from a REAL-LIFE detective turned market detective.

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